Estrela da Floresta achieved significant development milestones in 2017 and strongly positioned for 2018 growth

News 12 February 2018


Luanda, Angola, 12 February 2018 –  Estrela da Floresta, Angola’s leading sustainable forestry plantation company, announced that it has successfully planted over 250,000 eucalyptus and pine trees in the provinces of Benguela and Huambo in 2016-2017. Estrela da Floresta is currently developing the concessions in Alto Catumbela, Cuima and Sanguengue with an aim to develop forestry plantations and rehabilitate the old pulpwood plantations in the region.

In 2017, Estrela da Floresta planted over 250,000 pine and eucalyptus trees across more than 200 hectares. This considerably exceeds the area that was harvested during the year, thereby reflecting the company’s sustainable approach to forest management. Furthermore, environmentally sensitive areas are being restored by Estrela da Floresta.

In 2017, Estrela da Floresta also collaborated with the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the José Eduardo dos Santos University in Huambo. Together, the University has introduced a new undergraduate course specifically for forestry studies, which helps in developing and strengthening the skills of local Angolans. As part of the partnership, Estrela da Floresta will hire recent graduates and trainees from the University and give them an opportunity to obtain professional skills and technical know-how about best forestry practices. The University will also receive grants for the students in forestry studies.

Additionally, Estrela da Floresta is introducing a pilot project to build meteorological stations in cooperation with the University in Huambo. These stations will help gather accurate information on weather conditions including temperature, rainfall, wind speed as well as direction.

Moreover, Estrela da Floresta has also supported income generation for the provincial governments through the effective collection and payment of forest harvesting fees. In the last year, Estrela da Floresta has created over 150 direct and indirect jobs in the province.

Estrela da Floresta, in collaboration with local IDF authorities, has instituted a procedure in relation to the Transport Guides of wood cut under contracts which has consequently supported the local authorities to collect revenue and to control and improve the transportation of timber. Moreover, to curb illegal logging in the forests, the team has implemented a monitoring plan and subsequently controlled the continuous seizure of illegal logging.

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