Quantum Global Website Statement

News 4 April 2018

Quantum Global Group reiterates that neither the Group, in its role as asset manager for the FSDEA, nor its Founder were a party to the reported $500 million transaction that is currently subject to an investigation by the Angolan authorities. Neither Quantum Global Group nor its Founder had any previous knowledge of this transaction before it was reported in the press. Furthermore, Quantum Global Group has not received any inquiries from the Angolan authorities or other regulatory bodies regarding this reported transaction.

Quantum Global Group takes its transparency and disclosure obligations very seriously and cooperates fully with all regulatory bodies where the companies of the Group operate. To more effectively respond to evolving regulatory standards, Quantum Global Group began a review of its corporate structure in 2017. Amongst the first outcomes of this review is that the Group has planned a number of changes to the composition of its Boards and Investment Committees.

Quantum Global Group is proud of the positive results it has delivered in terms of socio-economic development in Africa through the private equity investments made on behalf of its clients and looks forward to demonstrating greater impact on the lives of Africans long into the future.