5 December 2017

Listen to what Alfredo has to say about the PoC project and what it means for youth in Angola

Quantum Global Group | Video

The Port of Caio (PoC) will serve as a driver for economic development and job creation in Angola. At Quantum Global Group we believe that our investments should be deployed in transformative sectors supporting economic…

5 December 2017

How to really talk business in Africa

Darlinghton Omoruyi, Vice President, Senior Manager Partnerships and Conference Centre | Articles

“Why haven’t we invested in Africa yet?” said a senior official at one of Europe’s larger pension funds at the beginning of a conversation we had about investing in Africa a few years ago. Today,…

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27 November 2017

Listen to Perpetua tell us about her experience working on the PoC project

| Video

Port of Caio is strategically positioned north of the Province of Cabinda in Caio, with the initial phase of the project to include development of the port infrastructure, a vast facility of nearly 150 hectares,…

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27 November 2017

Good things can happen when technology meets innovation

Reiko Doege, Head of IT and Infrastructure, Quantum Global Group | My experiences

In the heart Angola’s biggest slums, Fábrica de Sabão, is an organisation dedicated to nurturing young African start-ups to support niche urban manufacturing. The project can also be described as an “innovation ecosystem” as it…

31 October 2017

Small things en masse

Darren Lapp, Director, Senior Manager Timber Investments | My experiences

My father told me when I was young that small things can have a large impact when repeated en masse. He used one example in the 1970’s, when McDonald’s had still only served millions of…

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