13 February 2018

Short tour of the Estrela da Floresta forest rehabilitation project

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Located in the Planalto region of Angola, Estrela da Floresta is a forestry company managing 18 land concessions leased from the Government of Angola. The Company has been established with the intention of developing new…

29 January 2018

When mobile meets modular: pay-as-you-go solar energy in rural Africa

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By Jeremy Wakeford, Senior Macroeconomist, QGRL   One of the most pressing developmental challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa is the dire need for modern energy services among the energy-poor, low-income communities who are beyond the reach…

10 January 2018

Porto de Caio creating new jobs in Angola

Quantum Global Group | Video

Once fully operational, Porto de Caio will create around 1,600 direct jobs for the operation of the port, boost cargo handling capacity making exports much easier and more cost-effective and redefine conventional notions of trade…

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15 December 2017

Why Africa must shift from dependence to diversification, now

By Seedwell Hove, Senior Macroeconomist, QGRL | Articles

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has experienced historically high economic growth rates and made some progress on social indicators in the last decade, driven largely by favorable commodity prices, financing conditions and improving macroeconomic management. However, high…

5 December 2017

Listen to what Alfredo has to say about the PoC project and what it means for youth in Angola

Quantum Global Group | Video

The Port of Caio (PoC) will serve as a driver for economic development and job creation in Angola. At Quantum Global Group we believe that our investments should be deployed in transformative sectors supporting economic…

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