Message from the Founder and Group Chairman

It is about Africa, it is about time

As a Swiss-African citizen, I have been fascinated since an early age by the dream of, one day, helping to unleash and develop the economic power in Africa. I have learned to respect, to appreciate and – most importantly – to celebrate the many subtleties and particularities of each African nation. I have learned the importance of bringing a strong sense of partnership to the table when working with African clients and partners. I have learned the importance of growing together with them, in a mutually beneficial relationship, where we learn from each other and build long-term bonds of trust and mutual respect.

It was with this awareness and in the pursuit of this dream that I laid the foundations of Quantum Global a few years ago. As I have progressed as an entrepreneur, I have come to understand that my roots increasingly impact everything that I do. Having had the privilege of experiencing an international upbringing, I wanted to use the good fortune bestowed upon me to contribute to the development of the continent. When we established Quantum Global as an asset manager and private equity house with primary focus on Africa, it was not about taking chances. It was about putting ideas into action – it was about Africa and its momentum.

With Quantum Global, we want to be part of this next critical phase of Africa’s development. As the African continent quickly rises to international standards and integrates into the world economy, our African clients will require a trustworthy partner that can advise them in this process. A partner of choice that can support them in adapting to the new requirements and in understanding the complexities that further growth will entail. A partner that understands both Africa and global markets, and that can help challenge established thinking and come up with unique, timely solutions to support growth stories.

Quantum Global does just that. Our experienced team of professional experts from all corners of the world and investment sectors are strongly focused on contributing to the success of our clients with tailored services in the areas of investment management and private equity. We have also founded an independent Quantum Global Research Lab, which aims to advance innovative economic thinking and to uncover opportunities for policy innovations and sustainable investments for African states.

I know that we have set out on a long journey with challenges at every step of the way. I know that this undertaking will require purpose, passion and vision. Africa is not just another business. Africa is our opportunity. Africa is our home. We want Quantum Global to take a prominent role in building a sustainable Africa.

A stronger Africa for the world, a better Africa for Africans.

Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais
Founder and Group Chairman