Why Partner with us

Since our beginning in 2007, we have focused on being an active partner for Africa’s growth story.

Partnerships are at the heart of everything we do at Quantum Global and we strongly believe that good businesses are the result of hard work, passion and commitment to those relationships.

We work with our partners to find innovative solutions to challenges across Sub-Saharan Africa, leveraging our innovative approach, expertise and trust to help them achieve their goals.

Unique approach to Africa

Through our investment management capabilities, African sovereigns have the opportunity to invest in traditional global markets with the clear goal of capital preservation in uncertain times.

A thriving private equity capability focused on opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa contributes to our clients’ value creation strategy coupled with strong developmental outcomes for the economies we are involved in.

Our unique, in-depth research capability for the benefit of macroeconomics and policy analysis is second to none and highly valued by our clients and partners.

In short, we believe in the potential and prospects in Africa and maybe more importantly, we act as conduits for African investors who believe in the opportunities on their own continent.

With a solid track record of investments and an exceptional understanding and network in Africa we aim to become a trusted partner for global investors interested in pursuing Africa’s investment opportunities.

Understanding African risk

Based on a wealth of experience that enables us to anticipate and mitigate risks associated with growth markets, and in particular Africa, such as political instability, weak regulations, currency devaluation or inflation, we have developed a pragmatic and disciplined approach to identify, assess, price, and actively mitigate risks.

Cultural sensitivity

We understand Africa – but we are never too proud to learn. Our relationships are built for the long-term, which can only be achieved through taking time to understand, respect and embrace local traditions and practices.

Across the business, we speak over 20 languages and field decades of experience in African markets and cultures, combined to an understanding and appreciation of the continent’s many diverse cultures.

And we are keen to bring our knowledge to bear in the right environments, to transfer it and to help build local capacity where it is needed.