Quantum Global Group Announces Closure of Investigation by the Swiss Attorney General

News 4 July 2019

Zug, 4 July 2019 – The Swiss Attorney General’s Office has closed all investigations into the events surrounding Jean-Claude Bastos and the Quantum Global Group as of 27 June 2019. With the termination of all investigations, Jean-Claude Bastos has taken a further step towards his complete rehabilitation against the false and unsubstantiated allegations made against him and the Quantum Global Group.

The termination of the investigation against unknown offenders follows the release of Mr. Bastos from custody in Angola at the end of March, after the Angolan authorities dropped all charges against him and confirmed that no charges would be brought against him or his related companies. The Attorney General of Angola also confirmed this in writing to the authorities in Mauritius and the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland in Bern.

The Attorney General’s order to cease the investigation follows the conclusion of various legal proceedings in Switzerland and before the High Court in England, all resulting in favour of the Quantum Global Group and its founder, Jean-Claude Bastos. In these proceedings the English High Court clarified that the activities of Quantum Global Group and Mr. Bastos were executed in accordance with commercially valid and legally binding contracts.

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