Core competencies

Investment Philosophy

We believe that most clients seek absolute returns and thus our investment philosophy focuses primarily on capital preservation

Investment Approach

We work closely with clients to determine a clear and appropriate set of investment objectives and investment restrictions to ensure that each portfolio is managed to meet the specific needs of the client. We believe in the value of active portfolio management and understand that most clients seek absolute returns and thus, our investment objective focuses primarily on capital preservation and the aim to achieve consistent positive real returns.

Risk Management

We stress forward-looking non-parametric methods based upon common sense and market experience rather than historical analysis based purely upon quantitative models.

We believe that long-term investment success is achieved through a deep understanding of how risk manifests itself at the security and portfolio level. Our objective is to flag unintended risks within the portfolio and ensure that performance is driven by ex-ante quantified risk factor exposures.

Probability based measures such as Value at Risk, stress tests and scenario analysis are employed to ensure that the targeted risk profile is in line with both investment philosophy and the strategy’s long-term return expectation.

Risk Management provides the Portfolio Management team with a clear and holistic view on how exposures and changes in market factors can affect a portfolio’s return and risk profile.

Experienced Team

We provide high quality asset management rooted in our team’s extensive investment and client servicing experience. Our ability to deliver best-in-class service focusing on the individual needs of each client, is supported by our capacity to maintain a stable and transparent investment process.

Knowledge Transfer

In addition to our premier investment management services, our team of experts in Investment Management seeks to build long-term relationships with our clients by transferring useful knowledge, training clients’ in-house investment teams and advising on various investment themes.

Quantum Global’s Research Lab adds another strong dimension of knowledge and learning for our clients through a wealth of investment-related research. These focus on macro-economic, sector or asset-class specific topics and may include tailor-made studies where required.