African Funds

Our African focused funds are managed by QG Investments Africa Management Ltd, which is a Mauritius-based collective investment scheme manager. The Manager is licensed by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius and responsible for the following seven funds:


Investing into a diversified portfolio of agriculture assets in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our goal is to devise investments across the agricultural value-chain, with particular focus on opportunities which provide value-add to agriculture in production and processing.


A long-term direct equity investor into a diversified portfolio of healthcare assets. Acknowledging a growing demand for improved healthcare services and products in Africa, we consider investment opportunities that can benefit from this trend, such as opportunities in private medical centres, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical equipment and medical support services.


A long- term direct equity investor in hotel projects across Sub – Saharan Africa, including greenfield and brownfield operations. Meeting the demand of what is perceived to be a significant shortage of secure and internationally recognised hotels across Africa, the investment activities include construction, conversions, acquisition and renovation of hotel projects across Sub – Saharan Africa.


A long - term direct equity investor in greenfield and brownfield infrastructure and industrial base assets across Sub – Saharan Africa. Recognising that superior value creation in Africa demands rigorous due diligence, active management advice across the full investment life-cycle, with involved value creation during operations. Focus spans sectors including transport, water & sewage, energy & power, agriculture supply chain and industrial base assets (e.g. cement plants, refineries and fertilizer plants).


Targeting investments in countries with stable legal framework and government endorsement for investments in the mining industry, our goal is to assist investments in the development and production phases of African mining projects, including the prospection, exploration and extraction of precious and industrial metals and minerals.

Structured Equity

A sector agnostic fund operational through a diversification across countries, sectors and demands. The relative scarcity of traditional financing in Africa requires increased equity and equity-like capital, particularly for small to medium sized enterprises. We conduct investments in structured equity that seek to bridge this financing gap. Targeting diverse African sectors, we also provide our expertise to companies in our portfolio to support their development.


Targeting sustainable returns through a diversified portfolio of African timber assets. The rapid economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa has driven increased demand for timber-derived products, which is expected to continue over the next years.  Our goal is to support primary and processing businesses through our clients' investments.