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19 March 2018

Promises and pitfalls of Africa’s mineral resources

By Jeremy Wakeford, Senior Macroeconomist, QGRL | Articles

Africa is often portrayed as a vast storehouse of natural resources, ready for investors from around the world to extract and monetize on global commodity markets. Certainly, Africa is richly endowed with numerous resources including…

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8 March 2018

Interview with Prof. Mthuli Ncube on DSGE modelling for improved growth strategies in Africa

| Articles

How has macroeconomic research become integral to Quantum Global Group’s investment approach? As part of the wider Quantum Global Group of companies, the Research Lab is an independent research partner to African countries as well…

29 January 2018

When mobile meets modular: pay-as-you-go solar energy in rural Africa

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By Jeremy Wakeford, Senior Macroeconomist, QGRL   One of the most pressing developmental challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa is the dire need for modern energy services among the energy-poor, low-income communities who are beyond the reach…

15 December 2017

Why Africa must shift from dependence to diversification, now

By Seedwell Hove, Senior Macroeconomist, QGRL | Articles

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has experienced historically high economic growth rates and made some progress on social indicators in the last decade, driven largely by favorable commodity prices, financing conditions and improving macroeconomic management. However, high…

5 December 2017

How to really talk business in Africa

Darlinghton Omoruyi, Vice President, Senior Manager Partnerships and Conference Centre | Articles

“Why haven’t we invested in Africa yet?” said a senior official at one of Europe’s larger pension funds at the beginning of a conversation we had about investing in Africa a few years ago. Today,…

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30 October 2017

Africa and the not so self-fulfilling prophecy

Linda Martin, Communications Officer, Quantum Global Group | Articles

Contemporary wisdom has it that Africa is leading the way in the Global economy. Some are still nervous about doing business in the continent and might even avoid travelling to African countries for business or…

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