Country Reports

An Overview of the Namibian Economy

12 December 2017

This report provides an overview of Namibia’s macroeconomic performance, business environment and governance context. It also analyses key sectors including mining, which offers attractive investment opportunities.

A Macroeconomic Overview of Ghana

24 November 2017

This report provides an overview of Ghana’s macroeconomic and socioeconomic conditions, business and governance environment, and key sectors including agriculture, mining, oil and gas, electricity, and transport infrastructure. Ghana has a dynamic economy with bright…

An Overview of the Ghanaian Economy

2 May 2017

Ghana’s economy has experienced a strong and robust growth over the past decade, making its success a case worth emulating by its regional peers. Overall economic growth averaged about 5.9 percent a year between 2007…

An overview of the Nigerian Economy

30 January 2017

The structure of Nigeria’s economy has changed considerably over time, as the economy continues to diversify from oil. Today the economy is reasonably well diversified, with the oil sector accounting for about 10% of GDP,…

An Overview of the Kenyan Economy

1 November 2016

Kenya’s rate of economic growth is on track to exceed the average for sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) for the eighth year in a row. This growth performance has been by driven by strong domestic demand and…

An Assessment of Ethiopia’s Innovation Systems

22 October 2016

The Federal Government of Ethiopia has over the past few years embarked on an ambitious economic modernisation and industrialisation strategy, as encapsulated in its first and second Growth and Transformation Plans. At the same time,…