Policy Briefs

Making Kenya’s Water-Energy-Food Nexus More Sustainable

3 April 2017

In recent years, the complex set of interdependencies among water, energy and food systems – known as the WEF security nexus – has emerged as a critical issue for developing countries as they pursue sustainable…

Stimulating Innovation for Green Industrialisation

3 April 2017

Many countries in Africa are actively pursuing industrialisation strategies in order to promote inclusive growth. At the same time, the continent is highly vulnerable to climate change and other environmental pressures. This means that African…

Building Resilience in the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus

1 December 2016

In a world increasingly affected by resource constraints and climate variability, such as recent severe droughts and floods in various parts of Southern and Eastern Africa, the water-energy-food ‘nexus’ – defined as the interconnections among…