Working Papers

Foreign Direct Investment and Export Competitiveness in Africa: Investigating the Channels and Threshold effects

20 December 2017

Foreign direct investment (FDI) into Africa has surged in recent years. At the same time, international trade has increased notably, raising the question of whether FDI plays a role in enhancing export competitiveness. This study…

Maximizing the Gains from Natural Resources for Sustainable Development in Africa

12 December 2017

Africa is rich in natural resources. The region boasts of over 10 percent of world reserves of oil, about 40 percent of gold, 90% of chromium and the platinum group of minerals, extensive fisheries, forests,…

The Water–Energy–Food Nexus in a Climate-Vulnerable, Frontier Economy: The Case of Kenya

23 March 2017

In recent years, the complex set of interdependencies among water, energy and food systems – the WEF nexus – has emerged as a central issue within the overlapping fields of sustainable development and climate change…

Innovation for green industrialisation: An empirical assessment of innovation in Ethiopia’s cement, leather and textile sectors

22 March 2017

The Federal Government of Ethiopia has committed to an ambitious economic transformation and industrialisation strategy, but also to a low-carbon development trajectory as set out in the Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy (CRGE). The international…

Oil Shocks, Public Investment and Macroeconomic and Fiscal Sustainability in Nigeria: Simulations using

21 February 2017

Volatility in the oil prices and subsequent revenues, is a strong rationale for oil- producing countries to accumulate buffer-savings during oil-boom times in order to use them during bust times, as commodity prices fall and/or…

Does FDI matter for Sustainable Growth in Sub Saharan Africa ? Evidence from a Heterogeneous Panel

1 August 2016

Managing the Energy-food-water-Nexus in Developing Countries: Case Studies of Transition Governance

1 April 2016

Sovereign Wealth Funds and Infrastructure Development in Africa

1 April 2016