5 December 2017

Listen to what Alfredo has to say about the PoC project and what it means for youth in Angola

Quantum Global Group | Video

The Port of Caio (PoC) will serve as a driver for economic development and job creation in Angola. At Quantum Global Group we believe that our investments should be deployed in transformative sectors supporting economic and social progress, including the creation of job opportunities.

Quantum Global Group


  1. Dear Sirs,
    Job creation is the name of the game. Allow me to introduce a German Technology which will create a lot of qualified jobs in Angola and at the same time will start to solve a huge deficit in this and other countries in Africa: affordable housings and shelters. IFC is interested to finance production plants in African countries. Additional Investors and/or co-investors are welcomed but even more People and companies who know how and where to go in Angola in order to make this happen i.e. political/governmental Support. Would you be interested to step into a Dialog?!
    Best regards
    Franz J. Biskup

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