Research Lab

The Quantum Global Research Lab is an independent research partner to African countries. Its mission is to lead innovation and excellence in the delivery of bottom-up econometric models of African economies that are embedded in African realities.

The Research Lab delivers unbiased insights on African economies and macro-economic policy analysis that support the development of innovative economic policy and sustainable investments. This work is conducted through the Research Lab’s global office in Switzerland and its regional offices in African countries; and in partnerships with institutions and individuals around the world.

Our Products

Big Data Production

Accumulation of new trans-disciplinary data on African economies, building capacity to develop trans-disciplinary modelling capabilities on African Economies.

Sectorial Analysis

Sectoral Analysis for strategic decision making in investment

Econometric Modelling

Development of advanced macro-economic models that take into account African realities and peculiarities that can lead to discoveries, narratives and opportunities for investments and innovation in key economic sectors in Africa.

Advisory Services

Provision of advisory services to African sovereigns and African investors.

Africa Investment Index

A rank with the most attractive countries for investments in the short and medium term.

Quantum Global Group offers regular insights through a wide range of publications.

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