Press Release – Quantum Global Seeks Due Process in Mauritius

News 19 April 2018

Quantum Global Seeks Due Process in Mauritius

EBENE, Mauritius, April 19, 2018 – Quantum Global reiterated today it is confident all matters will be resolved positively once the company receives details about the underlying cause for the restriction order and license suspension of its operations in Mauritius. The Financial Services Commission and the Financial Investigation Unit have been called before the Court to explain their actions, with an initial hearing set for tomorrow, Friday, April 20th.

Quantum Global continues to be dismayed that while the underlying cause for the actions of the authorities have not been provided to the Company, local Mauritius media have reported on key aspects of these actions.

“As I have stated throughout this unfair and damaging process, it has been hard to defend ourselves against actions by the authorities when the rationale has not been made clear despite our repeated attempts to receive this information,” said Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais, Founder and Group Chairman of Quantum Global.

Quantum Global is an investment manager and conducts its activities in accordance with the approved investment policies and applicable laws in Mauritius and worldwide. The seven investment funds based in Mauritius comply with strict IFRS reporting standards.

“We remain confident and resolute in our ability to defend ourselves vigorously and we plan to do so when we fully understand the specific reasons for the actions taken against us,” Mr Bastos concluded.

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