Quantum Global Website Statement

News 6 November 2017

Today several articles making serious unsubstantiated accusations about the integrity of Quantum Global Group and its relationship with its clients have been published.

These articles make a series of highly misleading, false allegations. Despite providing detailed and verifiable material to the media outlets regarding their queries, they have continued to misrepresent the facts within the articles and have accused Quantum Global of severe misconduct.

It is important to state that all the financial activities of Quantum Global are conducted in accordance with the laws of the jurisdictions where it operates. The Group takes its transparency obligations extremely seriously and has put in place rigorous procedures and practices within all areas of its business.

The organizations that Quantum Global invests in are also transparently managed, each meeting their own auditing and regulatory requirements within their own jurisdictions and requisite international laws. For instance, in Mauritius the Group’s seven Limited Partnerships have local bank accounts in the country.

Each of these seven Limited Partnerships are audited according to strict IFRS standards. The investment vehicles have a dedicated Investment Committee composed of independent sector experts that review and proposed investment projects. In addition, there is a clearly defined deal process during which the Investment Committee is consulted twice before any decision on an investment is made.

Quantum Global remains committed as the partner of choice for African investors seeking global opportunities and for international investors seeking partnerships inside Africa.

The Group is currently taking the necessary legal action against the publications and journalists to retract or rectify the articles.